Fast & Secure Cryptocurrency integrated to Mobile Game App

About ElliotCoin

Elliotcoin or ELLI is a digital cryptocurrency. Just like Bitcoin, which is one of the most speculative asset types in the online trading sector. Investors turning towards Bitcoin is still expanding at an enormous speed. The main reason for this is people assume that Bitcoin will play a significant role in the future of currency. People who are interested in learning the best way to invest in the cryptocurrency with a secure Bitcoin account may consider visiting InsideBitcoins to identify and create a Bitcoin account with a controlled online exchange. It is designed for fast (60 seconds block time+using SwiftX for nearly instant transactions with zero confirmation wait time), private (through Zerocoin protocol) and secure microtransactions. In upcoming update ELLI will be integrated into a game project as a way of payment for in-game services ELLI starts off as a hybrid of PoW and Masternode system and then will switch to PoS with Masternodes mode due to project orientation and to keep blockchain working.


Ways To Get Started


Mining and masternodes

ELLI is built on Xevan algorithm, which provides high hashrate for GPU miners (due to its resistance to ASICs and NiceHash users) and low power consumption. It also have a generous reward for every block splitted between miners and Masternode owners.


Trading on exchange

We are currently listed on two exchanges: Graviex and Crypto-Bridge). We are also going to start our own decentralized exchange. Refer this bitcoin aktien kaufen guide to know the process of buying Bitcoin stocks which serves as a first hand information of buying the same from our exchange in the future.


Mobile game app

With the integration of ELLI into the mobile game application, there will be additional options to use ELLI. More information about this feature will be published on our information resources in near future.

ELLI Features

There are a lot of advantages over other altcoins.

Security and privacy

ELLI is using Zerocoin protocol and our team is already working on upcoming integration with Tor project (The Onion Router). Using these two tools with our decentralized exchange will allow to achieve unprecedent level of security in the world of cryptocurriences.

Mobile platform integration

In near future, as you can see in our Roadmap, ELLI blockchain will be connected to a mobile app game with some in-game payment features. It will add additional value to the chain and more ways of usage.

High Liquidity

Thanks to the upcoming integration of the coin with the payment services in the mobile game, the demand for ELLI on market will be much higher than you can expect from common altcoin.

Benefits of Masternodes


Easy way to participate in our project

In contrast to mining, this method is more reliable and does not require you to do so much effort. Masternodes are mighty elements of the ELLI blockchain. On the one hand, you can think of them as your very own private savings account (you put 10,000 ELLI into a locked account, and in return you are rewarded with interest). On the other, Masternodes are the way to secure the community and relay transactions across the network.


Two deployment options

Deployment with deploy-script on your own server or deployment in our SaaS cloud failover infrastructure (it is reliably utilized with a minimum amount of down-time). Second way is very easy and apprehensible to people with any level of understanding the process.



Considering the upcoming updates ELLI is a good mid or long-time investment. Increasing percentage of receiving block reward to masternode owners while approaching PoS stage is also making them attractive.